welcome to MamHam
MamHam (ONLINE FOOD MARKETPLACE) is an innovative concept manifested to deliver food with love to people from various restaurants at their doorstep with SuperFast Delivery System through mobile app and website.

How does MamHam reflects people values and love?

MamHam saves your cost, time, energy with this innovative super fast delivery system. We have also used robust technology to let the people decide quality, reviews and price of the same product from different Restaurants before buying them.
This reflects our true Democratic Values (For the People, To the People, By the People) as MamHam is established by the people support to make people life more convenient for achieving People Welfare and Happiness by delivering Food with Love

How does MamHam help local business and people?

Mamham has boost the sales of Restaurants and also made public joyful by delivering food with Love.
MamHam also has aimed to feed people from old schools, orphanage and various needy people of the society. We are receiving lots of Love and Support from public

History of Beginning

MamHam was established in June 14th 2018.

Our Values


We push ourselves beyond our abilities when faced with tough times. When we foresee uncertainty, we address it only with flexibility.